MGB RO 6 RD Juguan talks about the importance of minerals  

Iloilo City – Regional Director Leo Van, CESO V of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office DENR explains the importance of minerals to human existence and development.


During the DENR’s radio program “Ikaw Kag Ang Imo Palibot” aired on Radyo ng Bayan, RD Juguan talked about the nature of minerals, where they come from and their use in everyday life.


RD Juguan cited the many uses of minerals as they are essential for agriculture, construction, food, transport, utensils, technology and communication.  In agriculture, lime is used for fertilizer, fish ponds and in processing sugar.  Non-metallic minerals such as aggregates particularly sand and gravel are used to construct roads and almost all structures from houses to public infrastructures such as schools, offices, malls, hotels, and bridges.  Copper is needed for lighting, plumbing, wiring, computers, cars, and gadgets among all many things that need copper for them to be made, RD Juguan further said.  White and red-burning clay are needed to produce fine china used for dining and other ceramic products.


Both metallic and non-metallic minerals are potentially present in Region 6 based on factors such as its geological setting and structure, RD Juguan said.  Region 6 has a potential for gold, copper, pyrite, manganese, chromite and iron.  As for non-metallic minerals, marble, silica, sandstone, white clay, limestone, guano, phosphate rock and semi-precious gemstone can be found in Panay and Guimaras islands.


For over 14 years now, there are no large-scale mining operations in Western Visayas and Negros Occidental which now belongs to the Negros Island Region (NIR), RD Juguan concluded.  (LAA/MGB RO-6)

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