MGB RO VI gears up for 2022, holds strategic planning

Iloilo City – The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) VI, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) conferred to review its work targets for 2022, with the regional office’s top and middle management exchanging ideas on how to successfully deliver the agency’s expected outcome.   Still due to the pandemic, the staff composed of the regional director, division and section chiefs, planning officer, information officer and legal officer opted to hold the expanded staff meeting via online platform.

Ms. Pauline Jordan, planning officer, presented the approved work and financial for 2022, the details of the work targets, target timelines, and modes of verification.

In carrying out its mandate, MGB implements the government’s Mineral Resources Enforcement and Regulatory Program. Support to investment promotion includes issuance of permits and contracts, approval of the safety, health, environmental and social development programs of mining permit applicants, providing assistance to small-scale mining through the Provincial and City Mining Regulatory Board (P/CMRB) and other stakeholders. MGB is also in-charge of monitoring and auditing of mining permits, strengthening the multi-partite monitoring team and resolution of complaints or cases and conflicts.  Pursuant to its Mineral Resources and Geosciences Development Program, MGB conducts advocacy and awareness on mineral resources and geosciences development, quadrangle mapping and assessment and endorsement of new mineral reservation areas.

One major program of MGB is the Geological Risk Reduction and Resiliency Program, under which are land geohazard assessment, vulnerability and risk assessment (VRA), updating of the 1:10,000 scale geohazard maps, Karst subsidence hazard mapping and assessment, communicating the output of these activities through IEC on geohazard and the groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment.

MGB VI is gearing up to strengthen awareness on recent policies affecting the mining industry and how the its economic potential be maximized more so in recovering from the financial strain brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, says MGB VI OIC RD Raul A. Laput.  MGB likewise will continue to monitor and improve the compliance of mining companies to safety, environmental and social development requirements translated into work programs. Strengthening its work on data and information on geohazard characteristics and factors of the environment and communities to help in building-up preparedness and resiliency of communities remain a priority of the MGB, OID RD Laput said.  (MGB VI)

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