MGB VI accomplished 2021 work targets amidst hindrances

Iloilo City – During the Year-End Performance Review and Assessment last December 15, 2021, OIC Regional Director Raul A. Laput commended the workforce of MGB Regional Office VI for accomplishing the work targets for 2021 amidst the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Planning Officer Ms. Pauline Marie C. Jordan reported the year-end accomplishments of the Office, and the expected Means of Verifications (MOVs) accompanying each work target.

OIC RD Raul A. Laput encouraged the personnel to continue striving in their day-to-day pursuit of excellence in the delivery of public service.

[Read full speech of OIC Regional Director Raul A. Laput]

Whether we leave behind a year of great success and challenges as public servants governed by a set of mandate, we pause to give thanks.  We are thankful, firstly, for the gift of life that make us wake up each day and meaningfully pursue our goals and purpose.  We thank every person and institution we work with to achieve our common goal of public service and those we serve and benefit from the output of our work.  The year 2021 has demanded the best of our patience, perseverance and resilience in focusing on and pursuing our priorities amid concrete obstacles. 

Many times during the year, the limitation of not being able to work onsite with a hundred percent personnel resource was very challenging.  However, it is our universal moral duty not to compromise the safety and health of every person, hence, we adopted an alternative mode of working arrangement.  We only needed to adapt to working remotely and maximize the use of digital and online means of communicating and working. The expected output had to be delivered 100 per cent, all the same, although time lines had to be adjusted.  To this, we are thankful for the contribution of the hard-working men and women of this Office who made it possible for us to accomplish 100% of our targets. 

Looking back, the past year taught us to be flexible and function amidst uncertainties and changes.  We learned as individuals and as an office working together to achieve our goals and targets that form part of the greater whole of the agency’s mission and mandate.  As we move forward to a new year ahead of us, we leave behind the events of the past year but draw lessons from them to give us wisdom in how we will pursue and accomplish our work this year. 

We will continue to be patient, persevere and resilient in the face of our battle to make COVID less destructive and disruptive with the necessary means at hand such as vaccination and making safety, sanitation and health as our way of life.  In doing our job, we aspire to be the best public servants we could be with integrity and accountability and relentlessly pursuing the common good of the public we serve. 

Armed with the right attitude, plan and strategies on how we will accomplish our targets, we will overcome whatever limitations and challenges ahead of us.  May we never forget to be grateful for and value our work for what it is – a responsibility and accountability for it is a public trust, and it is the sustaining value of our material existence that which gives us purpose and relevance.   As we embark on a new beginning each new year brings, let us try to see things with new eyes and renew our minds to strive to be the best in our day-to-day pursuit of excellence in the delivery of public service.  May God bless us all to be the best we can be in the year 2022.

MGB VI held a simple fellowship activity after the assessment in thanksgiving and celebration of Christmas at the Anhawan Sunset Resort in Oton, Iloilo. (MGB VI)

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