MGB RO-6, DENR conducted a vulnerability and risk assessment (VRA) of 14 barangays in Jordan, Guimaras

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. 6 (MGB RO-6), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR conducted a vulnerability and risk assessment (VRA) of the municipality of Jordan, Guimaras.  Fourteen barangays of the said municipality were assessed from July 31 to August 23, 2019, by geologists of MGB RO-6.

The VRA is an assessment of the degree of vulnerability and potential risks of an area given the exposure of three elements: population, built-up areas, and roads, to rain-induced landslides and floods, said Adrian Nichol Lizada, geologist of MGB RO-6.

In Jordan, Guimaras, the VRA covered the updating of the municipality’s geohazard maps, geotyping of GPS locations and interviews of residents The VRA confirmed coastal erosion in coastal cliffs and high susceptibility to flooding of coastal areas and mangrove areas.

A rock slide was also noted in St. John the Baptist or known as the smallest plaza in the municipality.  An old landslide was recorded as well in Brgy. Rizal at the back of a gasoline station.

Out of the assessment, a VRA map is produced by the team which is given to the local government unit to enhance their disaster risk reduction management system.  The MGB VRA team gives advisory as well on the results of the assessment prior to the conduct of an IEC in the locality which is done after the maps have been produced.

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